We at Happycloud are an energetic fun vibrant team who love travelling the globe sourcing new and exciting product to bring home to our customer. We are all about the customer service experience and place great value on each and every one of our customers.

We truly believe that buying a product should be a great experience whether it be a personal purchase for oneself or a gift for others. Our mantra is Happycloud for Happy People.

The ultimate in portable comfort

  • Inflates in seconds
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for the beach, camping, festival, parties, sleepovers
  • and so much more


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Please find below instructions. Congratulations on your Happycloud purchase and welcome to happiness and fun times😎
Please now allow us to instruct you on how to care for and use your Happycloud.

Step 1

Unpack your Happycloud from the carry bag, unroll the Happycloud completely on flat floor or ground.
Open the black bands at the air intake ends and allow a small amount of air to enter the Happycloud.
Press the black bands flat together and roll the bag firmly towards the other end of the cloud.
This will force air all the way through the bag and separate the internal bladder in readiness for future inflating of your Happycloud.

NB. This is a great tip as we have found that in all new product the internal lining tends to stick during initial packing and transit.

You generally only need to do this once.

Step 2

Inflating the Happycloud Takes only a short time to master (please refer to short video) simply open each chamber where the black bands are located (one chamber at a time) allow air to travel into each chamber until desired amount of air is achieved. Close the band off and repeat in the second chamber.

Step 3

Now the air is trapped in both chambers it is very important to then ensure the black bands are flat, pressed firmly together, and no part of the inner plastic bladder is protruding from the bands.
Then firmly grip the bands and roll 4-5 times until the bag is inflated fully to a nice pressure.

Step 4

Once the bag has the desired firmness simply bend the black safety band around in a circular shape and clip the safety clip( NB. the safety clip strap needs to be firm when fastening,this ensures a good seal on the Happycloud and a longer inflation time).

Packing your Happycloud

Now your fun is over and it’s time to pack your Cloud ready for your next adventure simply u clip the safety clip, lay the Cloud on its side and separate the black strap to allow air to escape. Then go to the opposite end of the Happycloud and roll it snuggle all the way to the other end( black straps.)

Once you have done this simply shape the straps into a horse-shoe shape and pack into the carry bag.


Whilst Happycloud is water resistant and can float, we do not recommend usage in pools or water.




Although your Happycloud is tough please be aware that it still needs you to care for it to ensure you have many enjoyable times together.


  1. Before chilling on your Cloud inspect the terrain where you intend to set-up for sharp objects which may pierce the outer skin or inner bladder.
  2. When inflating, again avoid sharp objects or areas that may cause damage during the inflating process.
  3. We recommend placing a towel or something similar under the Cloud during the inflating process. This is only important in a no-wind type environment. In a windy outdoor environment the cloud inflates faster and rarely touches the ground.
  4. Keep your Cloud clean, if your at the beach in particular we recommend you wash away any sand and salt water from the Cloud with fresh water. Sand in particular will become abrasive over time and affect the lifespan of your cloud.
  5. General cleaning, can be done with a clean non-abrasive cloth using warm soapy water ( detergent should be mild) Do not use any chemicals on the Cloud. Then rinse with clean water and leave in sun to dry completely before packing away.

Enjoy your Happy Days
Happycloud Team😎


“Just tried this out at Harbourtown – so comfy I got a purple one”
– Wendy Farmer

“We bought three of them in Cairns while on Holiday. Just tried them out yesterday on the beach in the States and they are very comfortable. People were coming by and asking us about them. Have not tried on on the water yet, but these are the best purchase we’ve made in Australia. Thanks!!!”
– Mike Nguyen

“So stoked as I just brought 6 Happy Clouds for Christmas for my adult kids yahhhh love them”
– Helen French

Quality guaranteed

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The fundamentals of “Air Loss” explained

HappyClouds deflate slightly because of their design, the temperature and the pressure put on them. No quality air lounge is airtight. Any air lounge that was perfectly airtight would burst the moment you sat down . An air lounge must have a bit of room to breathe, and you will lose a small amount of air just by laying down.

How Can You Stop This?

You cannot stop your air lounge from leaking air permanently. Why? In simple terms a quality air lounge does not have a 100% airtight seal ,this allows a small amount of air to escape when under load making bursting impossible.

NB. When making any warranty claim it is important to consider designed air loss vs incorrect inflation,fault or puncture.
If you have inflated correctly your product will remain inflated for long periods of time. However the bag will appear less inflated after using as this is normal(refer to section above)

If you haven’t inflated correctly the product will deflate rapidly within seconds/minutes.
Generally if a fault exists a hissing sound when laying on the product can be an indicator of a puncture. A further product test may be required to determine whether it is a manufacture issue or damage caused by customer.


Dear customer, please be aware that the inner bladder (clear plastic liner) is a crucial part of the Happycloud and is NOT to be removed or tampered with, this bladder holds the air needed to inflate the Cloud. Any removal/damage or tampering of this bag will immediately void your warranty.

Warranty claims are void should it be determined that the product has been subject to mistreatment, abuse ,used for any other purpose other than as a lounger, placed on extremely sharp objects such as glass, nails etc. Each claim will be examined on an individual basis and customers will be notified of results after inspection.

Happyclouds come with a full (6) month manufacturers warranty which covers factory workmanship only.

If a fault in manufacture is discovered the customer must contact Happycloud immediately and provide

  1. Proof of purchase
  2. Purchase price
  3. Location purchased
  4. Description of fault.

The customer will need to return the goods to the store purchased for inspection. If this is not physically possible the customer will be required to post the goods in question to the head office address at their own expense.

Please note the return must be within (6) months of purchase date.

Purchase will be inspected immediately by staff and customer will be informed of the result the same day.

Once received Happycloud will test and inspect the goods and the customer notified within (7) days of the test results.

Should a manufacturer fault be determined a replacement Happycloud will be issued.

For all in-store replacements a replacement will be issued the same day (subject to color availabity).

If the replacement color is not in stock a replacement will be posted at the suppliers expense.

For all postal replacements a replacement will posted to the customer at HappyClouds expense.

Should no product fault be determined and goods are in working order the customer will be notified immediately and goods will be returned to the customer at their own expense (postage cost only).

No administration or testing fee will be charged.

It is important to eliminate the possibility of incorrect inflation prior to commencing a warranty claim to avoid unnecessary postage costs.

Please read the Air Loss Explained section of the website to help determine whether a fault may exist.



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